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Monday, March 7, 2011

It's going to be a long 40 days...

Lent is right around the corner. Ash Wednesday is quickly approaching, and I have decided to undergo the most challenging feat of my life...I'm giving up sweets. You've read correctly and anybody that knows me knows how hard this is going to be. Although I am not Catholic, I do love participating in the season of Lent. It's a special time for me to use discipline and self-control. Last year, I gave up buying magazines and saved a ton of money. It caused me to realize that I can go without.

I have tried in the past to give up chocolate...failure (after only three hours I must blushingly admit). I have tried to give up cola and soda...failure (graduate school is impossible without it). But never have I ever attempted to give up such a task as sweets. No M&M's, no cookies, no cupcakes, no icing, no Sweet Tarts, no ice cream...oh just typing all of this is making me hungry!

But I can do this...I will do this. To prove it to myself for all those years I have tried and failed.

So, I originally was going to make this blog primarily about sweets and desserts, but the temptation is just too strong right now. I will cover many more after my 40 days of insanity are over. For now, I want to focus on food I can actually EAT NOW!

But, I will continue to visit my favorite dessert places. I may not be able to sample, but I have no right to deny you what I see and smell. And technically I have less than 48 hours so I may just get in a few samples.

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