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Friday, March 11, 2011

I'll have what she's having...Italian style...

I tell you what, Italians sure do know how to eat! Everything from the bread to the pasta is without a doubt heavenly. Who doesn't love a big plate of pasta or that bread and olive oil combo?!? I talk a lot about comfort food, and this too is added to my growing list. Another wonderful example of comfort food developed and mastered by our friends across the globe.

I love an occasional splurge at an Italian restaurant. The atmosphere is always so relaxing, and nobody ever seems in a huge hurry to get back to work or call it a night and head home. You're encouraged to enjoy your time savoring the meal and the company of those around you.

Buca di Beppo is no exception to fine Italian cuisine. This chain restaurant has everything but the chain restaurant feel and brought joy and comfort to my mind and stomach. The gingham table cloths, the wooden corner booth with bright red leather seats and Italian memorabilia hanging on every inch of the walls made for
a great getaway for lunch. 

PK picked me up from work (I never go out for lunch so this was a real long turkey sandwich today!) and we savored the tastes of Buca di Beppo.

Pretty hungry, we ordered the Bruschetta, Linguine Frutti di Mare and the Cheese Manicotti. Amazing selections! The linguine was filled with shrimp, baby clams, mussels and calamari and was tossed with a spicy red clam sauce. The manicotti came in these adorable pasta tubes stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesean cheeses. Marinara and Alfredo sauces completed this dish and made for the perfect blend of creamy deliciousness.

If you see a Buca di Beppo near you, I highly recommend it!

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